Chocolate Makes Everything Better

The next recipe up on my Pinterest food board couldn’t be following a more perfect one.  I couldn’t have planned it better myself!  Before I get much further though, I wanted to update on the Apple Rose Tart, it was a very light dessert, but a little heavy on the orange flavor.  Perhaps my zesting got out of hand?  Should I decide to make it again, I would most likely make a Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream instead. The Hubs liked it though, which wasn’t surprising because he likes things to not be as rich as I do.  In my mind if it isn’t drenched in chocolate, is it really a dessert?

Today I tackled Chocolate Pie Sticks.  Ok, so maybe I didn’t exactly “tackle” them, seeing how ridiculously easy they are.   The point of these are to use up leftover pastry or pie crust!  I do tend to save mine when I make home made crust (which is every. single. time.  I NEVER buy store bought crust… )  Totally made that last part up, I do on occasion, when time doesn’t allow for it, or I don’t feel like it!  Here is the blog the post originated from

Here we go!

The leftover crust I used was from the Apple Rose Tart recipe.  I think the little bit of orange zest in the dough will give the pie sticks more of a “gourmet” taste, but you can use whatever pie crust you have on hand.

Ingredients needed:

Chocolate Chips

1 tblsp cold water

1 egg (lightly beaten)

1 tblsp sugar


If you are using leftover dough, remove from fridge and let it warm up a bit so its easier to roll out.  I think I let mine set for probably about 20 min.  I don’t have a whole lot, so if you are wanting to make a lot of these, I suggest making dough just for this purpose.


I sprinkled a bit of flour on the counter before I got down to rolling so it wouldn’t stick.  Pretty typical stuff, like I said before, easy peasy!


I halved the dough so I had enough to roll out for the top and bottoms of the pie sticks.  You don’t want to make it too thick, or too thin.  Then my pizza cutter came in handy to cut strips.


Now with a pastry brush, brush the strips with a bit of the cold water, just enough to make it slightly damp.


Feel like you can do this yourself yet?  This would be a great recipe to bring in some little helpers for in fact!  I think I have one…


Here is that adorable helper I had with me the other day!  She is a chocolate lover like her mama so I called her over for one of the most important steps.


Yep, official Chocolate Chip tester!  She approved fully….


Turns out she is also an expert at lining up chocolate chips as well.  So I put her to work, I am thinking about promoting her!

Now you are going to take the other half of dough you set aside and roll that out and cut strips, just like you did with the first portion.


Layer those strips on top of the chocolate chips, making sure to seal the edges so the delicious melty chocolate doesn’t leak out the sides.


Prick the tops of the pie sticks with a fork to let out any steam once they are in the oven.  Which should be shortly!


Brush the tops of the pie sticks with a lightly beaten egg and then sprinkle them with sugar.  Pop in the oven for about 12 minutes at 350 degrees, or until a light golden brown.  Then force your kiddos to be taste testers, because it is clearly cruel for me to have offered them a yummy Chocolate Pie Stick…


All in all this was a simple little treat to put together with stuff you already have on hand.  Providing you recently made a pie…

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!  I am pretty sure you could maybe substitute in other kinds of pie filling, butterscotch chips with coconut would be brilliant, I’m sure!



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